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Monday, August 23, 2004

Doing the Wiggle Dance

There's a dance that The Boy does, a little wiggle dance, a little shimmy with a shake at the end. He does it when he's happy. I occasionally request it, because I find it so damn adorable, this manifestation of joy.

I'm doing the Wiggle Dance myself right now (even as I type! It's very challenging!). That's because.......

I'm gonna sign a contract for a space! Contract! Space! Contract! Space! Everybody do the wiggle dance!

What space, you may or may not ask? For what purpose would a space be necessary?

For a PLAY! I love PLAYS! I love to act and direct and produce them! All at once! And then I love to have heart attacks from stress!

December, folks, will see a hopefully brilliantly directed and imaginatively acted piece of work, written by a playwright that fascinates me.

More shall come, we shall be assured of that.


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