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Friday, October 29, 2004

Carbohydrate Drugging

Last night, Adam and I went German. Brought out the lederhosen, I tied my hair up in braids-- we even brought in a goat and practiced our yodeling.

Not really.

But we did have pierogies, kielbasa, pumpernickel bread and beer for dinner. Then I fell asleep in my skirt and my contacts; carbohydrate drugging is real, folks.

Joseph the elevator man at work was very very excited at the pierogi idea. He said that the best place to get pierogi is on First Ave. I don't know, Joseph. Joseph has a crush on me. He wants me to hold his hand to give him energy.

And to help him pick out his camera.

And to give him more of my headshots. I had given him a business card, because he begged for it. And because I like him.

Joseph sings me songs in Polish. He calls me Anna Maria. I gave up on correcting him after he said that Anna Maria is his daughter's name, and she lives in Poland.

Joseph has the worst toupee in the world. Sometimes his hair on the bottom of his skull grows longer that the toupee. He once offered to take the toupee off for me. I politely declined the honor.

Joseph operates the elevator in the Puck Building, where I work.

Joseph belongs in a short story. I'm not sure whether it's a comedy or a horror story.


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