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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Lemur Fiesta

Last Christmas, I gave Adam a bottle of Johnny Walker Red, a CD, and the Lemur Fiesta--plush stuffed lemurs from FAO Schwartz. A mother lemur, and her little baby lemur clasped around her.

We had been searching for a present for one of my many many cousins, and we visited multitudes of places before deciding on a dinosaur hand puppet from the Natural History Museum. One night, we walked up Fifth Avenue, three weeks before Christmas. All the lights were out, walking by Rockefeller Center. We looked at the skaters, and the Christmas tree, and the stretch Humvee with a stupid little boy in it promoting some godawful movie. I (loudly) voiced my indignation at the very idea of a WHITE stretch Humvee's existence, Adam laughed at me, and we walked on. We passed by a little shop that sold Japanese candies; they were so delicately displayed that I was afraid that if I breathed on the glass, the candies behind the liquid sand would crack.

And finally, twenty minutes before closing, we went into FAO Schwartz. We ran all the way through the store, examining Go sets, the Simpsons Monopoly Game, and inevitably came to the stuffed animal section. There were stuffed dogs, stuffed cats, stuffed turtles, stuffed dolphins...and yes, even stuffed mama and baby lemurs. I have never, ever seen Adam more excited in a store. His brown eyes glowed behind his wire-framed glasses, and in a voice that I have only heard reserved for small weird dogs, he said "LOOK, ANNE! LOOK! It's a LEMUR FIESTA!"

After I was fired from The Bad Place, two days before Christmas, I decided that I finally had enough time to go buy Adam his presents.

He got his Lemur Fiesta.

I'm missing him tonight, as he's in Washington to meet some higher-up muckety-mucks. So I'm just holding on to the Lemur Fiesta and listening to my small weird dog sound like a tea kettle. Squirrel the Cat is curled up like a hat somewhere, and I didn't have to share my artichoke for dinner. Later on, I'm going to go to watch part of the Halloween Parade with Katie and Jackie and Zack. It's all okay, and good--but I can't take the same amount of satisfaction in being alone that I do when Adam is here. He'll be back tomorrow.

Guess I'm in love.


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