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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Not At All Funny

Today I looked at the New York Times web interactive election-thingy. The subtle shadings of red throughout the South and the West...they scare me. They scare me so much. You know those almost overt slams against pessimistic over-educated liberals? Yeah. Whatever. Bush is a bad man. He thinks he's fighting a holy war against Muslim terrorists--but a) holy and b) war are not a good combination. He's creating more terrorists, due to the sheer terror that we've sown in Iraq.

I want to move to Vancouver, but I'm afraid that if I do, there won't be anyone left to protest this terrible, terrible man and his policies that will kill more women (outlawing abortion) and men (unannounced draft via enrollment in the National Guard), leaving us in a police state (the Patriot Act).

Bush is a terrorist. I am in a state of terror. There is no logic that will move me or anyone else at this point, from our votes either for Kerry or Bush. My gut tells me that Bush will continue to listen to his God, who seems to hate everyone who isn't Bush.

Has that man ever seen someone bleed? I have. I don't want any more bleeding.


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