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Friday, January 28, 2005

Aaand...I'm Back.

Hello, you beautiful white space which no one reads. That's cool. All the more for me.

The play, she opened, she sold-out, she closed. Several things happened. The guy playing the Moon did in fact have to shoot during the play. Heh--shooting the Moon. Heh. An understudy was gotten (who did a brilliant job). It was the FASTEST tech ever, which was brilliant and bizarre, given the fact that I had a terrible flu or cold or walking pneumonia, worsened by the lack of sleep and extreme level of commitments I had. My daddy came to see it, and he liked it! He thought it was professional! Perhaps we put another foot of distance between his ideal of me being a lawyer or upper management, and my idea of me...not being those things.

Christmas itself was lovely. The surrounding mess was not lovely, including lost Christmas presents, travel plans cancelled, and grandfathers having heart attacks. I even managed to hit myself in the eye socket with a corkscrew. It bled. I had a black eye. Wine is dangerous. Just ask Carrie Nation.


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