to say nothing of the dog

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Wouldn't everything in the world be better if it were coated in a fine layer of fuzz? Like my brain?

I seem to abandon this blog in the midst of projects and then take it up again immediately after. SO!

What I did this past month:

I produced a play. It was pretty good, I think, and it was definitely a good karmatic way to ensure that I don't have to submit paperwork on shows that I'm directing. My god, did References make me want to kill myself toward the end there. No one should have to go to Brooklyn in the rain when they're already ill and stand outside of a maskmaker's building for 45 minutes with their fiance when said fiance is in the middle of finals, and then have the actors reject the masks out of hand because they don't fit well. HATE. Pain. Much sinus pressure and blowing of noses.

But yay! Play that I produced got extended, and so all is well the universe, do a happy skippy dance. We're going for an extra four performances. Also: yesterday I assistant stage managed for a 24/7 play festival. Beautifully strange. Very self-important college students also worked on it.

In future months: directing a reading of M. Giant's play "Sister's Tragedy" at the Tank, hopefully in May. Getting married. Freaking out, man.